Canvas: Lantern



Bouncing sparkles of light

There are days, periods in our lives where we could use some extra light. Because it is bleak and dark outside or because there are things that are clouding our minds. This illustration brings some extra sparkle and coziness. Fits perfectly in a warm corner, nearby a welcoming couch with a cosy blanket.

This lovely illustration is created for you through a giclée fine art printing process and finished by hand by an experienced team. The canvas material used for this is a fine-textured cotton canvas that consistently reproduces image details with excellent clarity and detail (100+ year color guarantee !). The canvas edge is finished with image wrap. All this to ensure that you can enjoy this work for a very long time to come.

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1 inch = 2,54cm

8"x12" = 20,32x30,48cm

12"x12" = 30,48x30,48cm

12"x16" = 30,48x40,60cm

20"x20" = 50,80x50,80cm

24"x16" = 60,96x40,60cm

28"x28" = 71,12x71,12cm

30"x20" = 76,20x50,80cm

40"x28" = 101,60x71,12cm

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