Special life moments captured on canvas

Cherish memories by (literally) giving them a place on your wall

A work that connects with you makes you feel better every time you pass,

because you feel the positive energy tuned to you every time.

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  • Canvas: Flower girl

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    Canvas: Flower girl
  • Canvas: Kindness

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    Canvas: Kindness
  • Canvas: Little friend

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    Canvas: Little friend
  • Canvas: Pink cloud dance

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    Canvas: Pink cloud dance

The power of color and simplicity

Soft tones, layers and a sense of playfulness is the perfect antidote to life's hectic schedule. Artworks that help you recover, unwind and rediscover your joy.

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Meet Griet



My name is Griet Bertels. I live and work in Belgium, near the place I've been born. In a small town called Lier, in the province of Antwerp.

I have been drawing, painting and being creative ever since I could hold a pencil. 

I love unique things, preferably handmade and I can watch the making process for hours.

When I draw and paint, I can create my own world. For me, the "real world" often feels too harsh, too busy, focused on performance and people's exteriors.

I try to capture emotions with soft tones and depth. My illustrations are a means of connecting with people, not only superficially, but also with the many emotions hidden beneath our facades.

What you see will connect with your innerself, a memory, a feeling, a wish, ... By giving a place to an image that touches you, you also allow 'the feeling' that goes with it to be there.
What we feel is 'literally' provided with a place.
Naive illustrations have the power and ability to touch people deeply and bring a sense of joy and hope. They remind us of the simple, beautiful things in life and offer a counterbalance to the daily hustle and bustle around us. It brings you closer to yourself again.

Thanks for stopping by my website. I hope the images and colors you came across made you feel good. I Wish you a nice day.



Read how I got to this point
  • Smile

    This makes me so happy. I actually like a stiff breeze every now and then, provided there is not too much sand blowing in my eyes. A good walk in the wind can be refreshing.

  • My first ever Art print

    This is the very first Art Print I created. This flower girl found a new home with a loving family and got a warm place. Even literally, you can't see it in the photo, but the stove is nearby. It was very nice to actually meet the new owners and hand the work over to them.

  • New roommate

    Although the nursery is not quite 'finished' yet, it feels nice and cozy with the name painting on the wall you made for our daughter. Every night we wish her 'new roommate' good night and in the morning she is the first to be wished a pleasant day.

Interested in a one-of-a-kind illustration?

Sometimes you are looking for something extra special: a one-of-a-kind creation that matches yourself or your family, a unique event, a milestone, a shift,...
Then a personalized work is right for you.

Would you like a unique work for yourself ?

Read below what the stages are in the process of a customized work. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to ask them through the contact form !

Send me your question(s), your idea, ... and I will be more than happy to explore some possibilities with you.

Without any obligation of course!

Process of a custom-made work
  • Heart to heart

    Art has the power to touch your heart, my intention is to spread postivity, hope and warmth with my works

  • Think eco

    By printing on demand, we do not waste precious resources. Printing is done in multiple locations to minimize the impact of shipping.

  • Friendly service

    We are small, but offer great service, feel free to contact me if you have any questions. You're very welcome !