Extra special - one of a kind

You may be looking for something very specific. A work that totally suits you, your family, your situation. If so, you might like to have a work that's completely "customized".

I have already made unique wall stickers for homes and children's rooms, birth paintings to welcome a new one to the world, birth card designs that parents can send to all their friends and family to spread the word about their little one, announcing name, date of birth and other details. "I have also had the opportunity to create paintings and illustrations for marriage, communion, a new business, a farewell, a special life moment,...."

Works can be developed on paper or digitally.

I love to make a special, one-of-a-kind painting or illustration.

An original work, completely customized. Each work is specific and unique. Because of this, I can neither write down a fixed price nor an exact time for finalizing the work.
I do outline the steps in the creative process below.


    There are many possibilities, so just ask. I will let you know if I can fulfill your request or not.
    You can reach me by email ( by filling out the contact form) or by phone (depending on your location).
    This way we can have a talk about what you would like and if it is possible. After our chat, I make a summary of our conversation and attach an estimate of the price and working time.
    After which you can decide whether or not you want to order your custom work.

    Requesting a price is of course completely non-binding and commits you to nothing.


    When you decide that you would like to have your personal work made, we move on to the next steps.
    30% of the estimate amount must be paid before I start drawing or painting. This amount is not refundable.

    Then I will make 2-3 sketches, which I will send you to find out which one appeals to you.

    You choose your favorite and add any comments. After adjustments, I send the sketch again for approval.

    Once the basis is determined, I start drawing/painting in color. I usually work in multiple layers, which together lead to the final result. I will either create on paper or digitally, depending on the agreement made.


    The time of delivery depends on the specific request and can be 2-3 weeks, to 2-3 months. Estimated work time will be included in your proposal

    At this stage of collaboration, you won't hear me for a while. In this phase I develop what was discussed/agreed upon.

    I do not send interim results, as I also do not make changes to the design after approval of the basic sketches.

    When your personal work is completely finished, I ask to pay the remaining amount. Then your personal artwork will be sent. Digitally or in a package, as agreed beforehand.

    I would be delighted to also receive a reaction/review and photo of your unique work in its new home.


    Guardian angel
    The youngest brother was born after the oldest brother had passed away. But on this birth announcement card, they are united. Nout, Nobel and Pepijn. This particular card was created digitally, a while before Nobel's birth, so that a local printer could print all the details on the card at birth and the cards could be sent to family and friends.


    This logo was created for a group of passionate people who are organizing climate actions.This logo was created for a group of passionate people who organize climate actions.
    Having your own logo provides brand recognition and visibility. Would you like to have a logo made that suits you perfectly, that reflects what you are doing? Are you looking for a specific something , a certain atmosphere, feel free to ask about the possibilities.


    A personalized painting, made especially for you. Together we will discuss the subject, colors, size and finish. This way the end result is made to perfectly match you, your family, your interior,... No additional copies of this artwork will be made, no Art Prints, no whatever. This work is a one-time unique creation with you as its one-and-only owner. However, the work can be featured on my website or my social media as an example