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Questions you may have...

Original works are shipped from Belgium.

Their shipping is free within Belgium.
Shipping to neighboring countries ( The Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxembourg): € 15.00
Other countries, within Europe: € 25.00
Original works are only shipped within Europe.
Art Prints are shipped from different locations, as close as possible to the delivery address. They can also be delivered outside Europe.

The cost of shipping depends on your specific order. You are able to check the charge by consulting the summary in your shopping basket.
Customs and import duties may apply for some countries, Please check if this is the case for your country.

If you're getting something from abroad, the government might charge you an extra fee, and that fee is the import duty. I do not have any say in that. By printing and shipping from multiple locations, import taxes do not apply to many countries. If you are not sure, what the situation is for your country, please contact me so I can look it up for you.

How long will it take for my order to arrive ?

Your order will be prepared and packed for shipment. That takes 3-5 business days.
Original works depart from Belgium.
Art Prints depart from the print shop closest to the delivery address.
Allow 3-5 days for the travel route as well.
So in total, you can expect your order to require 6-10 business days of patience from the time you push "send" to "getting your hands on" your order.

In case of defect/damage

When there are issues with your order, think of a wrong delivery, a defect, ... that’s absolutely something that will be solved !

If so, please contact me within 48 hours of receiving your order. Explain why you are not satisfied, what the problem is and include pictures of your order. 

I will look up how best to solve the problem and then contact you again. How we come to a solution depends on the specific work you ordered, where you live, which problem occurs,...

To have satisfied customers is very important to me. After all, my intention is to bring positivity with my work, which is most likely to succeed if you are very happy with your purchase, in my opinion ;)

What if you are not satisfied

It is very important to me that you can order with confidence. With the pictures and description accompanying the works, I intend to give you an accurate idea of what to expect. Displaying colors 100% exactly on a screen is very difficult. Please keep in mind that ink and paint on paper have a slightly different appearance than on your screen.

We have no works in stock (with the exception of originals). 

A work will be "custom made" for you. Therefore, please check your order carefully in your shopping basket 

- size: cm <-> inch! , 

- finishing: framed or unframed, 

- color of the frame, 

- delivery address, 


before pressing 'send'. 

After 'sending' your order, an automatic process will start. Your specific work, will be printed, finished and shipped. Sadly, changing your mind later and expecting to be able to exchange it can't be done.

However, if there is a well-defined reason why you don't like your purchase, please contact me. If we agree that the work can be returned, it will have to be shipped to Belgium at your expense, neatly and securely packed so that it arrives undamaged. If so, the purchase price will be refunded. No shipping costs will be refunded, neither to send or to return items.

What is the difference between an original work and an Art print ?

An original work is a unique piece.

It was created at the time when the inspiration was present. The creative process can be seen, sometimes felt on the canvas, paper or support on which it was made. There is only one piece made, in one size, one particular creation. When you love something unique, an original work is probably your thing.

An Art print is a fine 'print', usually a reproduction of an original work (sometimes also a work created or composed digitally). 
Although it is not an original work, it is very close to the original. An Art print is printed with high-quality inks and finished qualitatively and professionally.  Because it is an Art print, you can also choose multiple sizes and finishes. If you are someone who likes to have a few choices and likes to match a painting and its finish to your interior, then an Art print is more for you. An Art print is also often lower in price than an original work. 

As for the digital artworks.

They were created to be printed to show off the composition of the layers beautifully. So here is no 'original' work facing the print, but a series of original drawings and backgrounds that together established the finished piece.

For each Work can I Choose between the original Work or an Art print ?

No, you cannot. Sometimes works are only for sale as originals. For example, because they do not lend themselves to an Art print in terms of subject matter, or because of their texture, size, etc., or because they are difficult to photograph.

Some Art prints are likewise not available as original works, because they were composed digitally. They are composed of several 'layers' that have been digitally interwoven. For example, a painted background, a digital colour layer, a photo editing and a drawing. The separate 'original' components in themselves are not intriguing enough to offer for sale. Only the digitally composed whole is then available. 

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